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With your Reza Branson tickets, experience the awe-inspiring magic of "Edge of Illusion" in Branson, Missouri! As one of the world's top illusionists, Reza mesmerizes audiences with mind-bending illusions and interactive magic. From sold-out shows across North America to TV appearances worldwide, Reza's performances promise an unforgettable evening of wonder and excitement. Details
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Dustin Tavella, winner of the world-renowned America’s Got Talent, brings to the stage a jaw-dropping Branson magic show at Reza Live Theater! Witness as this enchanting performer showcases an unforgettable blend of magic, live musical performances and brilliant storytelling. His two-hour magical masterpiece will leave you spellbound! Details
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Step into the Michael Jackson Experience at Reza Live Theatre! A dazzling tribute by the illusionist Michael Knight showcasing the King of Pop's greatest hits, electrifying choreography, and an immersive journey through his iconic career. From Thriller, to Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean and more, feel the rhythm and relive the magic of MJ's musical legacy! Details
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Get ready for non-stop laughter at Bucket N Boards, the ultimate Branson comedy show at Reza Live Theatre! Dynamic duo Matt Levingston and Gareth Sever bring an unforgettable mix of good music, clean comedy, and jaw-dropping percussion. Enjoy a night of high-energy, family-friendly fun and hilarious entertainment that will have you smiling from ear to ear! Details
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Watch Doug Gabriel's Ultimate Variety Show at the Reza Live Theatre on Historic Highway 165! From Garth Brooks to Roy Clark and Whitney Houston, revel in iconic tunes brilliantly performed by Doug and his talented cast of singers with a live band. Showcasing their dynamic vocals, many styles of music, and comedy chops, a fun and musical journey awaits! Details
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Step into the enchanting world of Phil Dalton Theatre of Illusion, where reality bends and imagination takes center stage. As seen on ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC, and live in 50 states, watch the talented Dalton family perform a masterful blend of 2-hour magic and entertainment in Reza Live Theater. Catch them live in Branson, MO before they vanish in thin air! Details
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Don't miss the Aaron Wayne - Sweet Dreams Comedy Hypnosis Show! This show will make you laugh out loud as you watch volunteers from the audience experience some of Branson's most exciting attractions, guided by the amazing hypnotist Aaron Wayne. You'll be amazed by what your mind can do under hypnosis; you might even get a chance to be part of the show yourself! Details
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Total Price: $38.56 (USD)